Boilers Feeling The Pressure

Your Boilers Pressure Relief Valve is meant to act as a safety in case the boiler builds up too much pressure and needs to vent. You’ll find this type of system in most Combination Boilers. As your boiler heats hot water in the Central Heating Loop the water expands. As it expands the pressure increases. If you look at the gauge on most boilers you’ll see the pressure increase as the water heats up.

That extra volume of water will try to escape and find the weakest point in the heating system. As the water expands the extra volume is taken up in the expansion vessel which contains a rubber bladder which is negatively charged with nitrogen so that as the water pressure increases the rubber bladder fills with the extra water.

So what happens when things go wrong?

If it was more serious of an example such as some of the many safety devices fail, it could possible blow up! Fortunately the Pressure Relief Valve is there to make sure that doesn’t happen. The valve will POP open and scalding hot water will be vented to the outside of the property.

However if this rubber hose has not been installed properly, has not been checked and maintained or has been tampered with. It could well burst and spray scolding water everywhere. Causing damage to your family or your household. A recipe for disaster! We recently attended a particularly badly damaged one in Kent and it was important to get the problem rectified as soon as possible. We did exactly just that.

We see this type of issue rarely. But this is due to people taking care and checking their your own boiler to see if it’s ever been tampered with and getting us to come out and service it! We have handled thousands of routine boiler maintenance jobs in areas such as Islington and Egham. We install and repair boilers across the London area and have recenly completed a significant boiler repair in Homerton, boiler installation in Chelsea and an annual boiler service in Central London.

If you think there may be a potential problem with your boiler or you just want peace of mind. Call us today!