How often should my boiler be serviced?

How often should my boiler be serviced?

As colder months approach, your central heating system boiler will get more use. It is time for a boiler check-up if it isn’t working or it has been a while since the last service. A Gas Safe registered boiler specialist engineer should take a look…

Boilers Feeling The Pressure

Your Boilers Pressure Relief Valve is meant to act as a safety in case the boiler builds up too much pressure and needs to vent. You’ll find this type of system in most Combination Boilers. As your boiler heats hot water in the Central Heating Loop the water expands. As it expands the pressure increases. If you look at the gauge on most boilers you’ll see the pressure increase as the water heats up.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

An audible carbon monoxide alarm installed recently has proven its value as it went off within days of being installed, alarming the resident of the toxic fumes coming from the faulty gas cooker, potentially saving a life.

Boiler and Electricty is CHP

A recent study by the Carbon Trust has shown that a micro CHP system are well suited for larger existing homes or houses where it is not cost effective to improve the insulation.

Retro Boilers are Back

Biomass boilers are making a comeback and are rapidly winning hearts in the UK. Many plumbers and heating engineers have reported an increase in interest in biomass boilers which are considered carbon neutral.

Biomass Boiler: London Concern

Biomass boilers, which use sustainable fuels rather than fossil fuels are considered to be carbon neutral boilers and are often mentioned as a great way to reduce carbon emissions. However, recent study claims that large scale biomass boiler systems in London can actually lead to a sharp rise in poisonous fumes.

Leaking Gas Causes Poisoning

Carbon monoxide poisoning has left one woman dead and a man fighting for his life in a block of flats in London. The female, aged 26, was discovered by the fire fighters called to the scene and was pronounced dead at the scene. The man, aged 32, was unconscious when ambulance crews found him. He was rushed to the hospital in a critical condition.

Corgi Students: 1,000 Members

Corgi has recently marked the 1,000th member for its student membership scheme, reaching the milestone just nine months into the programme.

Ben Wright from Bradford Collage was presented with a prize to celebrate the milestone. It was presented to him by Sam Browne of Corgi and Paul Bickerdale of Parts Center (part of the Wolseley Group, which also owns Plumb Center).