Why do I have low water pressure in my home?

Are you suffering by taking showers under tedious trickily water? Well suffer no more! Below we have put together a list of reasons that this might be happening and some simple information to improve your understanding!

Lead Piping and the problems it can cause?

The name “Plumber” originates from the latin word, Plumberium, which means “worker of lead”. Lead has been used for a long time because of his resistance to corrosion. If your property was built before 1970 and have never had any pipe work replaced, you may have lead pipes throughout your property. These could be pipes used for your heating system or plumbing within the property; they are a dull grey colour.

Be Prepared, Find a Qualified Plumber

Finding a plumber in various areas of the UK can be tough, but sooner or later we all need one. Even if you consider yourself to be the most capable of all DIY men, you are going to eventually encounter a plumbing issue they cannot take care of yourself.

A Plumbers Day in London

A typical plumber in London has seen all types of residential customers. From the very poor who count every penny to the very rich who want the best available kit (and price is no object). From customers that are nice and friendly, who make your day more manageable to customers that feel like they a point to prove, and the plumber is their target for the day.

Plumbing and Heating in London Supply and Demand

With the winter upon us, demand for London plumbers and heating engineers is naturally on the increase. It is inevitable in many ways because of a combination of factors which include rapidly dropping temperature (especially at night), re-starting of boilers and central heating systems that were virtually dormant for the summer and (mild) autumn.

Control your Shower

Say goodbye to the frustration of standing under the showerhead trying to adjust the water temperature and the water flow. A new remote controlled shower head ensures that when you enter the shower, the water is running at the right flow and the right temperature.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

An audible carbon monoxide alarm installed recently has proven its value as it went off within days of being installed, alarming the resident of the toxic fumes coming from the faulty gas cooker, potentially saving a life.

Plumbers Vans Get Rack

A new range of storage racks for plumbers vans has been launched that provides efficient storage and fully utilise the available space. According to research, the average plumber wastes around half an hour a day searching for tools and parts. Plumbers use their van as a combination of workshop, storage space and an office, with equipment, tools and paperwork scattered around. When the plumber is under pressure to find a missing tool or a part, the pressure builds up and the stress levels are rising.