Change your habits to save your drains and British rivers and seas affected by drains and sewers. Increasing awareness can help everyone understand what to put down the sink or toilet and what to put in a bin instead. Please help us to make everyone aware of potential drain problems by sharing this advice with your family and friends! By joining in a national campaign together, we might help improve the health of the wonderful people of Britain.

What CAN go down the toilet?

Despite what product packaging might say, the only items to put down the toilet are:

  • Pee.
  • Poo.
  • Paper. Toilet paper only! Other paper products – from facial tissues to kitchen rolls – don’t break down in the right way.

What CAN NOT go down the toilet must go in a bin.

While it seems fine, other hygienic products should never go down the toilet. Such as:

  • Wet wipes – even when product packaging says flushable.
  • Sanitary products – from tampons to nappies.
  • Dental floss.
  • And many others.

What CAN go down the sink.

Sinks are prone to blocking. Here is what can go down the sink:

  • Water.
  • Soapy water.
  • Liquid drinks.

What CAN NOT go down the sink.

Sink deposal of some things causes significant issues. These are:

  • Oil.
  • Fat.
  • Food waste.

Any items that CANNOT go down the toilet or sink must go in a bin. The incorrect disposal can create a big problem in drains, sewers, rivers and seas.

Personal costs and environmental costs.

Items that should not be in our drainage can cause personal and environmental costs. Enormous environmental damage in rivers and seas is challenging to reverse. It’s a huge reason for being more careful, but not the only consideration. Items that solidify and clump in drains and pipes cause blockages in drains that ultimately you have to deal with at your expense.

Blocked drains on your property are your responsibility. It can be costly as well as disruptive. The costs can include dismantling pipes under your sink or digging up your garden to replace drains. Even if the problem ends up as an issue for your local authority to deal with, ultimately, the cost will bounce back to every individual in public service charges.

More information

Good sink and toilet practices are vital to the long-term health of local and national drains and water supplies. You can get more advice and information from your water authority. If you think you may have a drain issue (from smelly drains or water not draining away correctly), we offer a full range of non-disruptive drain investigations and plumbing services in London. You can call us or complete our enquiry form to chat with us.