Control your Shower

Say goodbye to the frustration of standing under the showerhead trying to adjust the water temperature and the water flow. A new remote controlled shower head ensures that when you enter the shower, the water is running at the right flow and the right temperature.

Trevi Logical is controlled via a remote control handset that fits neatly in your palm and can control the shower from up to 10 meters away. The handset controls the water temperature and the water flow and can be switched on virtually from anywhere in the house.

The signal from the remote control is sent to a thermostatic processor unit using a two-way radio frequency, which allows the signal to travel over 10 meters even through walls.

Two buttons set the flow level by increasing or reducing the pressure from a gentle low spray to a powerful boost.

Currently the remote controlled shower is available for an approximate price of £810 at participating plumbers’ merchants.

The remote controlled shower is launched by Ideal Standard International, the privately owned plumbing and heating company. With over 18,000 employees and presence in over 30 countries, Ideal Standard is one of the largest suppliers to plumbers and heating engineers in the UK, Europe and America.