Gledhill: New Unvented Range

Geldhill Building Products has recently launched a new range of unvented domestic hot water cylinder in stainless steel to complement its range of copper cylinders. The new unvented stainless steel cylinders are lightweight yet very strong due to the strength of the Duplex material.

Gledhill are offering a 25 year warranty on the unvented stainless steel cylinders, which is in line with other quality manufacturers of stainless steel unvented cylinders.

The new range will have seven sizes, from a small 90 litre unvented cylinder to a 300 litre cylinder. The different sizes allow for a wide range of properties, from a small bedsit to a full size six-bedroom five bathroom family home. The unvented tanks are available in both direct and indirect version with eight sizes of solar cylinders.

The heat exchanger uses a corrugated tube providing a 20% faster recovery performance like for like compared with plain tube.
Gledhill has 15 manufacturing sites offering fast delivery time to the local merchant, as they have done over the years with the copper cylinders.