It can seem strange to consider how to save water tips when we live in a country with so much rain. But with the cost of living rising and our summers seeming to get hotter yearly, conserving water is a great way forward. How much water do the people living in your household use? Perhaps you are a family of four who goes through about 450 litres daily. Everyday water usage adds up to a considerable amount throughout the year. Our experts have some simple tips to help you save water for the environment and maybe save money too.

Collecting rainwater

Collecting rainwater using a large container under your drainpipe so that the rainwater doesn’t flow away is a great way to have enough to water your fruit, veg and flowers outside. Fresh rainwater can keep the driest parts of your garden hydrated all year to save valuable water.

Fixing leaks and turning taps off

Fixing leaks should be attended as quickly as possible. Even a dripping tap loses many litres of water every day. If you can’t repair a dripping tap, it is an easy, inexpensive job for your local plumber. Running water – for any reason – can waste up to 6 litres a minute! If you have children, ensure they are habitually turning taps off.

Installing a low-flush toilet

Modern toilets have low flushing and dual flushing options. Only use the full flush when necessary to save litres of water.

Showering quickly

Although showers use less water than baths, showering using water quickly is even better! Stay in for less than 4 minutes to wash efficiently. If your central heating boiler is up to the job, it should heat up quickly, too, to use less water.

Washing only full loads

Make the most of newer model washing machines that are environmentally friendly. Some have built-in sensors to calculate how much water to use based on the weight of the load. It is a great way to ensure you won’t waste money on excess water or electricity. The best way to maximise the saving and use the minimum amount of water is by washing only full loads. So, if your washing machine capacity is 7Kg, wait to fill it to 7Kg every time.

Plumber expertise

Ask our local plumbers in London for their expertise if you want more specifics on how saving water tips and other money-saving ideas. You can rely on us for cost-effective options. We provide gas and plumbing services. Contact our team today.