New Commercial Solar System

German manufacturer of boilers, Buderus, has launched a commercial system for solar water heating. The system which can accommodate up to fifty solar panels includes the full set of controls and ancillary kits.

The top-of-the-range SKS solar collectors have a casing which is hermetically sealed and is filled with dry argon. This substance, which is an inert gas that naturally occurs in the atmosphere, ensures that there is no mist, condensation or corrosion inside the collectors. In addition hermitically sealed, argon filled space protects the absorber plate from dust, moisture and airborne pollutants. The non-reactive argon helps maximise energy yields and improve reliability as energy is not wasted in burning off any of the condensation that might build up during early morning periods.

According to Buderus, large commercial clients such as hotels and leisure centres were the most likely targets for the commercial solar thermal systems.

The specially designed controls enhance the efficiency and provide savings of up to 10% if using the FM443 solar module with the Buderus 4000 controls platform.

The controls are easy to install and commission and have a factory preset for over twenty different hydraulic permutations. The company is also introducing a set of direct thermal stores in three sizes: 500, 750 and 1,000 litres. With 80mm thermal insulation they ensure that heat loss if kept to a minimum.