The healthiest workers in the UK

People working in trades such as plumbers, heating engineers, construction workers and electricians are the healthiest workers in the UK according to research.

IronmongeryDirect found these interesting results from their survey of 2,014 UK adults. The survey results show that tradespeople are active for up to 7 hours/day and burn more calories than other types of workers. Personal trainers that work in the health and fitness sector are the second healthiest, being active for up to 5 hours/day..

Working in an office is the least active option. Office workers are active for about an hour per day and burn very few calories in their work-related activity. A trip to the gym increases their weekly activity levels..

Combining physical activity during your working hours has other benefits too. It keeps you busy during your daily schedule and leaves less time for unhealthy snacks. Office workers are more likely to have sugary treats with 23% saying they enjoy an everyday sweet and biscuit.

Adding a balanced diet, some regular stress breaks, lots of fresh air and moderate exercise into your work day by making it part of your daily routine could be ideal for long-term health benefits.

While active workers have to ensure they are eating enough calories to fuel their busy and strenuous days, it is often harder to cut our calorie levels when using less energy.
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