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Be Prepared, Find a Qualified Plumber

Finding a plumber in various areas of the UK can be tough, but sooner or later we all need one. Even if you consider yourself to be the most capable of all DIY men, you are going to eventually encounter a plumbing issue they cannot take care of yourself. This is why having a local plumber ready to call will come in handy, whether it is a plumber in London or a heating engineer in Central London. A good plumber can help you with anything from a minor blocked drain to full central heating installations.

Published Friday 28th June 2013

Don't Be Caught Out, Be SAFE and Get It Checked

As we know summer has all most gone, which can only mean one thing… cold frosty nights and blisteringly windy weather is just around the corner. Across the country thousands of people will soon be switching on their heating and boiler systems – for some it could be fatal.

Published Friday 1st February 2013

Boilers Feeling The Pressure | News | Heating Engineers London

Your Boilers Pressure Relief Valve is meant to act as a safety in case the boiler builds up too much pressure and needs to vent. You'll find this type of system in most Combination Boilers. As your boiler heats hot water in the Central Heating Loop the water expands. As it expands the pressure increases. If you look at the gauge on most boilers you'll see the pressure increase as the water heats up.

Published Sunday 8th January 2012

Modern Bathroom Coating

Modern coating of hydrophobic layers is the latest technology to offer customer better looking bathrooms for longer. Unlike coatings of old, which were varnish type silicon products, the latest technology utilises molecular level layers of hydrophobic materials.

Published Monday 30th November 2009

Control your Shower

Say goodbye to the frustration of standing under the showerhead trying to adjust the water temperature and the water flow. A new remote controlled shower head ensures that when you enter the shower, the water is running at the right flow and the right temperature.

Published Thursday 29th October 2009

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

An audible carbon monoxide alarm installed recently has proven its value as it went off within days of being installed, alarming the resident of the toxic fumes coming from the faulty gas cooker, potentially saving a life.

Published Thursday 29th October 2009

Plumbers Vans Get Rack

A new range of storage racks for plumbers vans has been launched that provides efficient storage and fully utilise the available space. According to research, the average plumber wastes around half an hour a day searching for tools and parts.

Published Saturday 17th October 2009

Underfloor Works with Carpets

A recent research has disproved a long standing myth that underfloor heating and carpets cannot be used together. Most underfloor heating installations are done with wooden floors or tiled floors.

Published Saturday 17th October 2009

More Women Plumbers Needed

The Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineers has around eleven thousand members, of which only around fifty are women. The group Women in Plumbing (WPG), was formed as part of the IPHE to support the network of women that work in the plumbing industry and for women that seek information on a career as a plumber.

Published Thursday 1st October 2009

Boiler and Electricty is CHP

A recent study by the Carbon Trust has shown that a micro CHP system are well suited for larger existing homes or houses where it is not cost effective to improve the insulation.

Published Thursday 1st October 2009