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Retro Boilers are Back

Biomass boilers are making a comeback and are rapidly winning hearts in the UK. Many plumbers and heating engineers have reported an increase in interest in biomass boilers which are considered carbon neutral.

Published Tuesday 1st September 2009

Plumbers and Sanitary Ware

Plumbers in the trade have noted that there is currently obvious confusion around whether sanitaryware should be marked by a CE mark. Currently CE marking is not compulsory in the UK. This, however, can change in the future following the revisions of the Construction Products Directive.

Published Tuesday 1st September 2009

How Green is Central Heating?

As the drive to become greener is starting to put pressure on home owners and plumbers alike, the manufacturers of boilers and central heating systems are making an effort to provide ever improving boilers with higher efficiency.

Published Friday 10th July 2009

Biomass Boiler: London Concern

Biomass boilers, which use sustainable fuels rather than fossil fuels are considered to be carbon neutral boilers and are often mentioned as a great way to reduce carbon emissions. However, recent study claims that large scale biomass boiler systems in London can actually lead to a sharp rise in poisonous fumes.

Published Sunday 11th January 2009

Gledhill: New Unvented Range

Geldhill Building Products has recently launched a new range of unvented domestic hot water cylinder in stainless steel to complement its range of copper cylinders. The new unvented stainless steel cylinders are lightweight yet very strong due to the strength of the Duplex material.

Published Wednesday 24th December 2008

Heating Engineers London Joins CIPHE

We are proud to announce that Heating Engineers London is now an industrial associate member of the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE).

Published Tuesday 23rd December 2008

New Commercial Solar System

German manufacturer of boilers, Buderus, has launched a commercial system for solar water heating. The system which can accommodate up to fifty solar panels includes the full set of controls and ancillary kits.

Published Monday 3rd November 2008

Green 1930s Central Heating

Nottingham University experts have built an original 1930 semi-detached property to evaluate ways to improve the energy efficiency of the property.

Published Tuesday 28th October 2008

Ford Transit: Plumbers Van

Ford transit retained its leading position as the most popular van make among plumbers and tradesmen in the UK. Ford has shifted 6,348 vehicles in 2007, which amounts to 29% of the UK market. General Motors (Vauxhaul Commercial Vehicles) has shifted 3,776 commercial vehicles during 2007, accounting for 16% of the market. In third place, Volkswagen shifted 2,162 light commercial vehicles (10% of the UK market).

Published Wednesday 22nd October 2008

Leaking Gas Causes Poisoning

Carbon monoxide poisoning has left one woman dead and a man fighting for his life in a block of flats in London.
The female, aged 26, was discovered by the fire fighters called to the scene and was pronounced dead at the scene. The man, aged 32, was unconscious when ambulance crews found him. He was rushed to the hospital in a critical condition.

Published Sunday 19th October 2008