BBC Watchdog Criticises Plumbers and Heating Engineers

BBC has reviewed plumbers and heating engineers and has reported that British Gas is one of the most expensive fuel provider for most customers and is among the worst for customer service.

The BBC consumer series announced results from Energywatch, who say that complaints relating to British Gas have doubled while complaints for the other utilities supplier have gone down substantially.

British Gas supplies gas for domestic heating and cooking to approximately 10 million households, after looking about two millions customer of the last two years.

The company also supplies electricity to around five million households.

The main complaints revolve around inaccurate billing and slow or no response to customer enquiries.

A British Gas spokesman said that “We have been putting in a new billing system and training over ten thousand staff, as well as recruiting five hundred additional staff, as part of a £400 million investment to improve the customer service”

Over the years British Gas has developed a large plumbing and heating services operations. Its plumbers and heating engineers offer a wide range of services including boiler insurance and heating systems insurance, to provide back up service for times when the boiler or central heating system break down.

The company has around 5,500 Corgi certified plumbers and heating engineers primarily focusing on gas boilers and central heating systems. In addition to the large plumbers and heating engineers division, the company also employs around five hundred electrical engineers and around a thousand drain specialist plumbers under its Dyno-Rod brand.

More recently the company has invested in other service divisions in addition to the traditional plumbers and heating engineers that primarily deal with gas boilers. The company has launched a kitchen and appliance care unit. The plumbers and engineers within this unit are focusing on solving problems with kitchen appliances such as washing machines. Like for gas boilers, kitchen appliances also require regular checks to ensure smooth operating performance.