As the UK summer sunshine continues, inevitably, weekends are still associated with entertaining, outdoor fun, and perhaps some gardening. What we decide to do at this time of year puts increased demand on our water and plumbing systems. Be ready to spot potential problems. We recommend you keep your eyes peeled for some of the following issues. Here are some of the common plumbing problems in the summer.

Toilets blocked

Whether you’re hosting a late summer BBQ or the kids decide to have friends over when they return to school, your toilets may get increased use. The more people use your facilities, the more at risk you are of seeing your toilets blocked. When waste can’t flow away, you could find a flood. Have a plunger to hand. In most instances, plunging should rectify the block. In severe cases, you may need to get a plumber out.

If your home is playing host to many guests, it might be worth providing a hygiene bags dispenser alongside a bin with a lid next to your toilets. Buy one of the simple signs that remind everyone not to throw anything into the toilet other than toilet paper. Wet wipes and feminine hygiene products are significant causes of blockages.

Broken washing machine

A cracked or blocked waterline is a typical result of extra wash cycles. After days in the garden, at the beach or an outdoor adventures, it is likely that you’ll throw additional loads into the washing machine. If your washer doesn’t seem to be drawing in the water correctly, we recommend you ask a plumber before buying a replacement machine.

Deciding whether to replace or repair a washing machine can be significant, as washing machines are expensive. It’s one of the vital home appliances that are inconvenient when they fail. If your washer is reasonably new, it may be affordable to repair as it’s less likely to break down regularly. Getting replacement parts for newer washers can be pretty straightforward. If the repair cost is less than 50 per cent of the cost of a new machine, then it’s a good option.

Garden tap leaks

When the summer into autumn continues to be very dry, the watering of plants continues. As a result, garden taps start to wear out. Leaking outside taps can cause you to pay for the water you didn’t use. We are all conscious of the monthly costs. Fortunately, fixing a leaking outdoor tap is relatively easy.

Safely taking the tap apart starts with turning off the main water valve. A professional plumber will have the correct adjustable wrenches, screwdrivers, brushes, tape, and the new washer you need.

Sewer problems

Late summer thunderstorms tend to dump high volumes of water onto dry land in a short time. Land drain backup and flooding can also cause include toilet water to back up. If you notice your bath drain and toilet drains clog simultaneously, call an experienced plumber quickly.

Remain vigilant for water leaks. Heavy rainfall can cause a broken pipe due to ground shifts putting pressure on the lines. When the ground becomes saturated, it softens and shifting soil and stones can break buried pipes. Cracked pipes fill with dirt, doing even more damage. You probably have a broken underground pipe if you have discoloured water coming from your taps after a rain storm. Don’t ignore the problem.

Help with plumbing problems

For help or unbiased advice, get in touch. We have teams of experienced plumbers in London with the know-how you need.