Do you know about Flues in Voids?

If you live in a flat or apartment flues are often hidden behind walls or ceilings and these cannot be inspected without flue void.


Gas safe registered engineers need to be able to inspect the flue to make sure it is doing what it is meant to. the flue takes fumes awar from the boiler and if the flue is in poor condition combined with a room sealed boiler could put your or youre family in danger. The danger would be from carbon monoxide poisoning which can cause serious injury or death.

If your room sealed boiler is on an outside wall it is possibnle more than not, you do not have this type of flue. This will be confirmed by the engineer as they will have access to the flue no further action will be needed.


If the engineer has confirmed that he does indeed not have access to the whole or part of the flue system, you of the person responsible for the property will have to make sure inspection panels are fitted to allow access to the flue. This does not automatically mean your flue system is unsafe.

From the 1st of January 2013 any gas safe engineer will classify the boiler “at risk” id the inspection hatches have not been fitted. The engineer will turn off your boiler with you permission, formally advising you not to use it until the ispection hatches are fitted in the correct places.

You need to be aware that carbon monoxide alarms are not a solution to not having access to the flue and hatches would have to still be fitted for the system to be checked.

It is responsibility of the landlord if you are a tenant to make sure these checks take place as part of a Gas Safety Certificate. Gas Safety Certificates need to be carried out anually. It is important that the gas appliances withing the household are checked regularly (including fires) to make sure they are in good condition and working correctly. Pleas see image of Gas Safety Certificate below:


So In Conclusion:

If you are not sure your boiler meets current requiremenrts please get checked by a Gas Safe registered engineer. He will be able to carry out the checks required and instruct you on what needs to be done next. Please dont panic BUT this blog is good for making you more aware that it needs to be addressed as ignoring it could put you, your family, or your tenants in danger.