Be honest how many of you have switched your boiler on to see if it’s working before the winter hits?

Check your heating regularly

Now the sumer nights are slowly dissapearing ad a chill is in the air maybe now is the time to check your heating is working. We are all very busy these days but your heating still needs to be checked regularly.

Check your boiler is on

It might sound obvious, but if your boiler doesn’t seem to be working check to see if it’s been switched off or if your gas and electricity supply has stopped working.

Look at your boiler instructions, just in case

It’s worth looking at your boiler manual just in case your boiler does go a bit haywire, you may find a simple solution for a problem you’re having. If you cannot find it or have misplaced look online at the manufacturer’s website they usually have downloadable versions of boiler manuals.

Check your pressure

Combi boilers can sometimes stop working because of a drop in pressure. If your boiler stops working check the pressure dial and inspect all of your radiators and pipes for leaks. If you can’t find a leak you should be able to increase the pressure in your system manually by using your system’s valve handle. But you should always switch your boiler off and consult your instructions before tinkering with your boiler’s pressure, as adding too much pressure into a system can be dangerous.

Bleed your radiators

If you can feel cold patches on your radiators it may be because there’s air trapped inside that’s blocking the system. But if you bleed your radiators and still have a problem with cold patches, your system might be blocked with sludge and might need a flush by a professional gas safe registered engineer.

Think about boiler care, especially if you have an older boiler. Get your boiler serviced regularly.

The average lifespan of a boiler is thought to be just 12 years. It’s estimated that around six million boilers in the UK could be near the end of their life span and that around half of Britian’s boilers are already five years old or more. That’s a lot of older boilers out there that have seen better days. Gas boiler manufacturers generally recommend getting your boiler serviced once every year to make sure everything is in tip-top condition and safe working order.

Know when to call in the experts

Be advised boilers can kill if tampered with or not checked properly by a gas safe registered engineer. Please don’t ever consider trying to fix your boiler yourself, unsafe boilers can kill. Know when to call and expert in, you can all us for advice or to book an appointment. Or if you smell gas/have an emergency call National Grid 0800 111 999 and vacate the property.