Modern Bathroom Coating

Modern coating of hydrophobic layers is the latest technology to offer customer better looking bathrooms for longer. Unlike coatings of old, which were varnish type silicon products, the latest technology utilises molecular level layers of hydrophobic materials.

Such coating means less cleaning is required to sustain a clean looking bathroom, thus reducing the amount of detergents and cleaning efforts required. This saves money, reduces environmental impact and helps keep the bathroom looking good for longer.

Effective coating reduces the need for constant cleaning of the tiles and the shower cubicles, only requiring gentle wiping with a cloth to restore them to the original look. This eliminates the need for repeat cleaning every time droplets of water form on the surface. This also reduces the need for chemical cleaning agents (caustic chemical, antibacterial agents etc.) which are washed into the drain and eventually impact the environment.

Such savings of time and costs of cleaning materials make the coating attractive not only to domestic customer but also to commercial customers such as hotels and serviced apartments. Savings show not only in the cleaning detergents bills but also in cost of staff and quicker turnaround times of rooms and apartments.

Latest coating technology prevents build up of soap scum and limescale which means less bacterial growing grounds and less bacterial presence. In other words, coating is preventative rather than reactive treatment, avoiding the problem in the first place.