Uncertified Plumber and Boiler Fitter Jailed

Boiler fitter, David Mountford from Stoke-on-Trent, put many lives at risk as he continued to work on boilers in customers’ homes despite being banned by the court. He has been taking on several boiler jobs and pretended to be a fully certified plumber while not having the right qualifications. On January 18th, he was sentenced to six months in jail.

Heating Engineers London’s network is extremely tough on such checks and vets each and every plumber and heating engineer on its network to confirm they meet the highest standards required for the job. Furthermore, Heating Engineers London proactively seeks immediate feedback form each and every customer after every job (boiler repair, boiler installation or a full central heating system installation).

Mr. Mountford has set up a string of aliases and bogus plumbing and heating companies such as DM Plumbing, Noble Group and David Mansfield to hide his identity. To his innocent customers, Mr. Mountford presented himself as being a Corgi registered plumber, although he was not registered as a corgi certified heating engineer.

Victims of the rough heating engineer have spoke of their frustration as he damaged their property, by cutting off electric cables, gas mains though bad planning and bad execution. Expert plumbers inspected his work to find out major cracks that might cause carbon monoxide fumes to escape.

Health and Safety representatives are encouraging all customers that have used the services of Mr. Moutford to get their gas boiler and other systems inspected by a certified Corgi engineer to ensure they are not in danger from a faulty installation.

Heating Engineers London is highly strict on the quality and credibility of its network members. The network takes every step to ensure the plumbers and heating engineers on the network are fully certified for the jobs they are allocated, and only a Corgi certified plumber is actually allowed to install or service a gas boiler. Heating Engineers London network places emphasis on feedback from customer to further cross check performance and customer satisfaction with the plumbing and heating work conducted.