Corgi Campaign for Safe Work, Approved Plumbers

Corgi is launching a new campaign to discourage the public from doing gas work themselves of using friends that are not fully trained to do the work. Corgi is the only organisation who certifies plumbers and heating engineers to undertake gas-related work.

“Who could be the killer?” campaign explains to the public that they should only rely on a Corgi registered plumber to undertake gas and boiler installation work. Boilers should not be installed as a DIY activity as it is dangerous and can lead to CO poisoning. Corgi encourages the public to install CO detectors which can be purchased from most Corgi registered plumbers and heating engineers.

Our records show that demand for Corgi registered plumbers and heating engineers rises normally on Mondays, as a result of homeowners needing help after failing at their DIY activity during the weekend. While a failed woodwork is not too dangerous, a failed boiler installation can cause a whole raft of problems, including failure to operate, low heating output and down to dangerous carbon monoxide poisoning.

It is imperative to ensure that the gas boiler work done at your home is carried out for a Corgi registered plumber or heating engineers and that their registration is up to date, to ensure that they keep up to the latest updates within the industry.