Plumbers, Engineers Shortage for Olympic Games

A recent report published by the Construction Skills Network claims that more than 180,000 extra people are needed to finish the construction work for the Olympic games in 2012. The report mentions that among the missing professions there are plumbers, both commercial plumbers and domestic plumbers to complete the plumbing jobs on site. Other jobs mentioned are bricklayers, engineers and all types of plumbers and plumbing professionals.

The construction workforce, which includes plumbers (both domestic plumbers and commercial plumbers) will need to rise by around 88,000 workers a year (including domestic plumbers and commercial plumbers) within the UK. This number should reach 2.8million by 2012 (including both commercial plumbers and domestic plumbers).

More than £9bn has been set aside to meet the demands for the Olympic village. There is a major demand for plumbers and plumbing engineers. The plumbers are required to carry out plumbing installations jobs. Plumbers will be responsible for boiler installations in the Olympic village that would host to athletes. Plumbers will also install plumbing systems in the many sports facilities. Other plumbers will be required for the major building projects, plumbers for new hotels plumbers for new homes in the area and various other plumbers’ projects.

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