Modern Gas Fire Popularity Sends Gas Safe Installer Demand Up

Modern gas fires are gaining in popularity over their electric equivalents. Many homeowners are now reverting to the traditional hearth and looking for installers.

However, only about half of Gas Safe Register installers are certified to work on gas fires.

It is crucial to check that you can make an appointment with your local qualified gas fire fitter before you purchase.

In the last few decades, homeowners chose to install an electric fire, not for heat, but because they looked appealing. As central heating systems became more energy efficient, so by comparison the warmth offered by gas fires became less popular due to their inefficiency.

Now, consumers are becoming aware that gas fires bring a new style. They have more features and offer heating control choices.

Modern gas fires are not the same they were twenty years ago. New models now include smart design, higher heat output, installation choice and efficiency features.

Modern gas fires look good, and they are safer too. Look for flame safety with a device to cut off the gas if the pilot light goes out. Ask your local retailer for information about innovative features that make the gas fire servicing easier.

Homeowners looking to restore a gas point in a home should ask a Gas Safe engineer about the gas supply. If it has been sealed off for decades, it is often easy to convert back into use.

The engineer will carry out checks on the pipework first. If the pipes are fine, the connections will be tested to guarantee they are leak safe. The engineer will also make sure that the correct pressure is available for the gas fire you prefer.

The chimney may need some attention. A fully-functioning flue system is a relatively low-cost installation job.

It’s good to remember that natural gas does not have air quality concerns. In urban areas, wood burners are becoming a growing issue. There are a wide range of stylish gas fires available. You can choose standard inset fires or wall-mounted landscape models.

Most good independent fireplace retailers offer to survey your home. They will recommend a registered heating engineer in London able to restore a chimney and gas supply.

If you would help or assistance with your fireplace or other gas appliances including central heating systems or boilers, call Heating Engineers London today. Our team of London based engineers are on hand to help.