New 3D Plumbers’ Course to Cut Plumbers’ Shortage

New course for plumbers, using three dimensional virtual technology can help solve the shortage of plumbers in the UK, claims the training course provider.

JTL, which offers the new plumbers’ training course, issued a fresh warning that the UK’s construction industry could soon be hit by a shortage of skilled plumbers.

Distance learning specialist Train4TradeSkills, has revealed that thousands of would-be plumbers and enrolling on a course that teaches plumbing skills using a three-dimensional virtual reality ‘house’ to supplement practical and theoretical coursework.

The course combines practical workshops, theory coursework and access to a custom built, state-of-the-art virtual online ‘house’ to achieve City & Guild, CITB, BPEC and Corgi recognised plumbing qualifications.

In light of recent announcements by the Olympic Delivery Authority announcing that the public and the private sectors will need between 9,000-10,000 construction workers to deliver the Olympic facilities in time for the 2012 London games, the course provides new approaches to learning which will bring more people into the trade.

The new three-dimensional graphics let the ‘virtual plumber’
wander through the house and solve real world plumbing problems, undertake boiler installations, water supply and sanitary plumbing jobs and even learn to cut and bend copper piping.

Marketing Manager for the training company said: “There is a UK-wide shortage of plumbers that the construction industry training board predicts is getting worse. The course fits around existing work commitments to attract a new generating of plumbers to train, qualify and practice.”