Plumbers Vans Get Rack

A new range of storage racks for plumbers vans has been launched that provides efficient storage and fully utilise the available space. According to research, the average plumber wastes around half an hour a day searching for tools and parts. Plumbers use their van as a combination of workshop, storage space and an office, with equipment, tools and paperwork scattered around. When the plumber is under pressure to find a missing tool or a part, the pressure builds up and the stress levels are rising.

Global Storage specialises in designing van systems that save time for plumbers and tradesmen. The systems include modular van racking, storage bins, toolbox racks, cupboards, cases and other accessories that are easy to fit and customise to the plumber’s van, be it a Vauxhall Vivaro, a Ford Transit or a small Renault Kangoo.

The racks, shelves and lockable cupboards have a heavy duty coating and the bins have deep sides that are easy to reach into and yet keep their content from spilling when the van is moving.

Rola Cases, polypropylene-moulded cases, have self-closing hinges and clear lids letting the plumber see through them to identify their content without needing to open them.

The company also offers a range of shelves, boxes, cases and bins to attach to the van’s inner walls. There are also pipe holders, locking cupboards, vices and cable reel holders.

As the systems are modular, there are flexibility in the timing and financial commitment of installing them. A plumber can choose to start with a basic unit and then start adding components as time goes by.