No Boiler for Christmas

A fault with the council house boiler meant that a family had a Christmas to forget. The boiler broke down on the 23rd of December and the family of five (including a three week old baby) had to spend a cold Christmas without a boiler, without hot water and without a cooker and with a very sour atmosphere.

According to the Hull city council’s plumbers the reason for the broken down boiler being off for so long was a missing spare part. Delay in getting the part was due to the supplier being on holiday. The council tried to relief the family by providing a fan heater, but that was not enough to raise the spirit of the family.

It has taken over two weeks to repair the boiler, and naturally the family is very upset and frustrated with the service provided by the council in resolving their problem.
Heating Engineers London offers a through network of corgi registered and certified plumbers and heating engineers with a thorough experience across the makes of most major boiler brands in the UK. Heating Engineers London’s experienced plumbers are trained to identify most types of problems and many of the plumbers carry a full stock of spare parts in their vans for rapid repair or replacement of faulty parts.

Expert heating engineers we interviewed commented that at extreme circumstanced there may be a situation where a very unique part has broken down and there is indeed a lead time to get the part from the manufacturer. The plumbers recommend checking your boiler on a yearly basis to pre-empt breakdowns in advance. By getting a corgi certified plumber or heating engineer to check your boiler annually, there is a better chance that a creeping problem will be identified before it turns into a crisis. At most cases repairing a boiler before it actually breaks down is advantageous than to wait for it to break down.