Plumbers and Heating Engineers Criticise ‘Part L’

The Heating & Ventilation Contractors’ Association (HVCA) which counts many plumbers and heating engineers among its members has criticised the government for failing to support its own legislation.

The Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA) has joined in as well and both groups believe that the lack of action by the government threatens to undermine the industry’s sustainability drive.

Revisions to Building Regulations Part L set maximum carbon dioxide emissions for buildings. This will refer to construction of brand new buildings as well as renovation of existing buildings. It is expected that the new building regulation would reduce carbon emissions by 25% from 2002 level.

Both associations, between them representing thousands of plumbers, heating, electrical and mechanical engineers, have set up a joint initiative group M&E Sustainability. The group is critical of the government failure to enforce Part L of the Building Regulation, describing the situation as “shambolic” and raising serious concerns about the future of other sustainability measures.

John Miller, President of the HVCA, said: “The grassroots industry has seen no change at all. Contractors are not seeing or hearing anything about the enforcement of Part L. Building control officers are turning a blind eye despite their responsibility.”

M&E Sustainability has aired its concern that failure to enforce regulation will undermine the programme of competent person schemes set up by the industry to allow qualified plumbers and contractors to self-certify their work under Part L.