The Importance of Yearly Boiler Check

Carbon monoxide is called the silent killer, it has no smell, no colour and has is responsible for around 30 deaths every year in the UK. Leading experts in the heating and plumbing industry recommend that every household check their boiler at least once a year. This should be undertaken by a Corgi registered plumber or heating engineer.

Lindsey Doyle, a news reporter from the Midland knew the risks of carbon monoxide yet when her boiler broke down just before Christmas, she decided to use her old gas fire. She noticed that she felt drowsy and suffered from headaches, but blamed the hectic lifestyle for it. She only decided to take action when actually her cat looked ‘stoned’ when sitting by the gas fire. When she called a Corgi plumber they immediately disconnected the gas fire.

In the early 1990s the government passed a law requiring all landlords to conduct safety checks by corgi plumbers and heating engineers to the flats boilers and gas appliances to ensure that the boilers and devices are safe and there is no risk of carbon monoxide leaks. However, many tenants are not aware of this duty assigned to the landlords and many flats go unchecked still.

A simple way to prevent Carbon Monoxide poisoning is installing a simple detector that can be installed by any plumber. Although not as reliable as a digital detector, the house pet can serve as an early detector as small cats and dogs begin to feel drowsy and show flu-like symptoms when carbon monoxides leaks into the living areas.

Heating Engineers London highly recommends calling in a Corgi registered plumber or heating engineer at least once a year to check the boiler and the central heating and other heating systems that can generate Carbon Monoxide leaks.