Underfloor Works with Carpets

A recent research has disproved a long standing myth that underfloor heating and carpets cannot be used together. Most underfloor heating installations are done with wooden floors or tiled floors. However the research conducted by Wavin Plastics , the Carpet Foundation, the Underfloor Heating Manufacturers’ Association (UHMA) and the Building Services Research & Information Association (BSRIA), has shown that underfloor heating can indeed work very effectively with carpeted setups.

The research has shown that underfloor heating is safe and effective with carpets and underlays up to 2.5 Tog. This is against a maximum 1.5 tog recommended by industry standard BSEN 1264.

Standard BSEN1264 advises maximum thermal resistance of 1.5 Tog for any floor covering laid on a heated floor. However, according to Wavin Plastics, it is possible to achieve full comfort conditions with higher Tog levels as contained in some carpet and underlay combinations.

Carpets were traditionally tested along with radiators and air heating systems, but they can also work very effectively with underfloor heating systems.

Wavin Plastics’ Osma Underfloor Heating offers high levels of comfort because of the radiant heat from the pipes. This is much more pleasant than heat radiating from conventional radiators. Radiators create a higher temperature at ceiling level, while underfloor heating distributes the heat evenly within the room space avoiding heat concentration and draughts.

The researchers have examined 19 carpet and underlay combinations at flow temperatures of 40c, 50c and 60c. Although the results show that underfloor heating works well with carpets, it is important to note that each installation should be evaluated individually as there are unique circumstances for each installation. Wear and tear can affect the carpet as fibres are trodden down by heavy foot traffic, can have an impact on the system.