Help To Save Money on Your Energy Bills

Over winter you naturally spend a little more time at home and you likely spend more nights in. As the colder weather starts creep in it’s time to start thinking about how to keep warm but to try keep costs/bills low at the same time.

Find a selection of tips that may help keep energy costs low during winter below:

  • Is your boiler doing its job? Your boiler could be supplying the heat you need but at a higher cost, than a more efficient boiler. Some questions to ask yourself; Is your boiler efficient? How old is your boiler? When was your boiler last serviced? Do you have boiler cover? If your boiler is over 10 years old, it’s very likely it is not efficient (compared to modern boilers) and far more likely to fail all together. By having a new energy efficient boiler (that is regularly serviced) could reduce your energy costs.
  • Draughts: To save putting the heating on as often, it’s worth identifying the problem areas in your house that are causing draught issues. These areas are usually floors, doors, windows and fireplaces. There are some things you can do to reduce draughts around your home and possibly reduce the need to put the heating on.
  • Timing: One possible way to save on your heating is putting your heating on a timer. Focus on key areas when you need the heating most, for example: you’re less likely to need your heating on when your curled up under a duvet while you’re sleeping.
  • Avoid Standby: Switch OFF those appliances and technology that drain electricity when they’re not being used. These items include: phone chargers, laptops, TVs and gaming consoles.

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