New Bylaw Scheme for Plumbers

A certification scheme for plumbing work was recently launched by the Scottish and Northern Ireland Plumbing Employer’s Federation (SNIPEF), in conjunction with Scottish Water. The new scheme allows businesses that have met the set criteria to be an Approved Contractor. According to the scheme plumbers which are approved contractors can self-certify that the plumbing work they carry out meets the Water Bylaws requirement.

With close to five hundred approved plumbing contractors in Scotland, one of the main points of the scheme is that all businesses must employ plumbers that have demonstrated technical qualification and have passed the appropriate Water Bylaws course.

This new requirement will mean that all work done by an Approved Contractor is done by a plumber who has the appropriate technical qualification, knowledge and skills to complete the tasks in accordance with the rules of the plumbing and heating industry. Furthermore, any breach of the bylaws would become the responsibility of the plumbing company.

Scottish and Northern Ireland Plumbing Employer’s Federation Director said: “Scottish and Northern Ireland Plumbing Employer’s Federation has been working closely with Scottish Water over the past few months in developing the new scheme. We are committed to ensuring that all Approved Contractors undertake work in accordance with the Water Bylaws and issue appropriate certificates to all their customers. “