Don’t Be Caught Out, Be SAFE and Get It Checked

As we know summer has all most gone, which can only mean one thing… cold frosty nights and blisteringly windy weather is just around the corner. Across the country thousands of people will soon be switching on their heating and boiler systems – for some it could be fatal.

According to statistics from, 4,000 people end up in A&E and 200 are hospitalised each year through carbon monoxide poisoning.

The vast majority of these cases can be prevented by making sure gas and fossil-fuel appliances are properly installed and maintained. An audible carbon monoxide should also be fitted in every household. These are cheap and easy to install anywhere in your home.

It can not be stressed enough how important it is to have your gas boiler or gas central heating system checked regularly by a certified and trianed professional. Our engineers and plumbers based in areas such as Chelsea, Wimbledon, Basildon, Essex, Kent and Acton all agree that the awareness of this should be brought to light and published more.