Certification Scheme, Approved

Recent survey of 1,300 plumbers, heating engineers and installers has confirmed that the overall majority of them are happy with the general format of the Approved Certification Scheme (ACS).

96% of the plumbers and engineers that responded to the survey wanted to either keep the structure of the ACS unchanged or break the assessment down to bite-sized chunks taken annually, as opposed to the current five-year programme.

74% of the eighty nine employers that took part in the survey agreed with the above result, preferring the annual schedule to the five-year programme.

The survey recipients included a cross section of all types of installers, plumbers and heating engineers, from sole-traders to large employers and from domestic gas to commercial and LPG system installers.

The questions in the survey were designed to measure the perceptions and opinions on the existing structure along with any relevant suggestions for future improvements.

Around 62% of the gas installers agreed that they should be assessed for ongoing competence to ensure compliant with current standards.

The Association of Personnel Certification Bodies (APCB) says that it supports a move in such direction and is encouraging plumbers and heating engineers to give their views if they have not taken part in the survey.

The APCB plans to continue to obtain evidence through objective means such as employers’ surveys and to work closely with the new register to design and implement changes to the system. When the new register is appointed the strategic development group will continue to develop and streamline the ACS.

Richard Payne, chairman of the APCB said: “APCB, along with the Scheme Committee is working towards improving the ACS to meet future needs of the industry”